International Messaging Gateway

Our International Messaging Gateway enables you to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime through our global network coverage. It allows you to communicate with your organisation’s stakeholders directly through their mobile phone, irrespective of where they are based around the world, or what mobile network operator they are subscribed to.

Research shows that 90% of SMSs that are delivered, are opened and read within three minutes of arrival, making SMS a valuable channel of communication.

Number Validation Services

Our Number Validation Services provide clients with effectiveness and peace of mind when dealing with mobile numbers and their various uses.

Number Validation Services improve routing capabilities, database accuracy, verification and validation, combating fraud and all other challenges present with mobile telephone numbers.

Talk to us about how these services can add value to any business that uses mobile communication as a means to connect with clients.

Messito - Web-based SMS Platform

Messito is an intuitive, web-based SMS platform for businesses, enterprises and agencies. It’s the perfect tool for sending promotional or informational SMSs to multiple or individual mobile phone users wherever they are in the world.


Applicable in a wide range of industries and loaded with handy features, Messito takes the stress out of communicating via SMS with your audience.


Messito offers competitive prices, global coverage, 24 x 7 support, no monthly fees and an API for easy integration to your applications.

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